It is difficult to say as to when, how, where this art and practice of advertisement came into being. We can only guess its exist back in the year 3000B.C. Engrave signs on the walls of Guest Houses, Temples, Churches & In the bars of the ancient Greece, Rome & Egypt were used as advertisements.
Gradually, with the advancement of science & technology, the art of advertisements also flourished, it enhance our livelihood. Advertisement is a popular way to encourage public to avail service/ buy products as well as acknowledge about it. Advertisement creates market , It is the best way of communication between the producer / provider & the Buyer/ Receiver. In the present competitive open market the advertisers main target is to reach the right person with the detail information. This will create favorable attitude of the customers towards the products/service.

Classified of products / subjects the way of expression will difference. It is a matter of understanding between the producers & the consumers that's the Gungchil Advertising can do with a skilled hand, Its dynamic management, creative ideology, modern technology and commitment makes its work unique and as quality as you deserve.

  • Advertising is now a vast industry and Gungchil Advertising is working most of the vital branch of it.
  • Paper Advertisement
  • Radio & TV Commercial
  • Printing & Publications
  • Prepress solution
  • Graphics design
  • Corporate gift item
  • Media campaigning