DHAKA (Tour to the city both present & past)

the capital of Bangladesh was founded in1608 and intersected by the river Buriganga. It is a sprawling and bustling metropolitan city with rich cultural heritage. The city enjoyed the glory of being the capital of the region when it was successively under the Mughals and the British rule. Places of tourist attraction in Dhaka city are as follows:-Sadarghat waterfront,PinkPalaces (Ahsan Manzil), Lalbag Fort, Carzon Hall, Armenian Church, Dhakeswari Temple, CentralShahid Minar, National Museum,etc.

Dhaka hulf day
sight seeing

Dhaka full day
sight seeing

MOHASTANGARH & PAHARPUR (Archeological tour)
Mohastangarh is invariably an ancient fortified city acclaimed to be the oldest settlement and the most prominent archaeological site of Bangladesh. Another one is Paharpur the biggest Buddhist monastery in the south of the Himalaya having gigantic pyramidal temple with 177 monastic cells and numerous votive stupas lies at pahar pur in Naogaon district and is now a world heritage site.

GIS -1
(1night 2days)

Cox's Bazar / St.Martin / Kuakata
(Beach Holiday & Coral Island tour)
Cox's Bazar is located on the South East part of Bangladesh. Having the world's longest unbroken beach, sloping gently down to the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal against the picturesque background of a chain of hills covered with deep green forests. The area has the influence of the rakhaine tribes and there are many buddhist temples and pagodas. The fish market with variety of sea fish, rare conch shell, the colorful and unique culture & costume of the Rakhaine is a matter of attraction. Saint martin's Island from Tecknaf around two and half hour boat ride away is the only living coral Island in Bangladesh. Kuakata is another unique beach destination from where both sunrise & sunset can be enjoyed.

GIS -2
Dhaka-Cox's bazar- Dhaka (2 nights 3 days)

Dhaka-Cox's bazar- Saint martin-Dhaka (3 night 4 days)

(2 night 3 days)

HILL TRACKS (Hills & Tribal tour)
The hill tracks comprises of three hill districts.The topography of the area is typical from rest of Bangladesh. the steep forested evergreen hills with the major tribal people and their different culture is of great attraction.The different tribes like the Chakma, Marma, Tanchanghya,Bom, Murang,Gorkha, etc. are spread over Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari districts. Rangamati, the land of romance rises from the blue water of the Kaptai lake . A cruise in this famous manmade lake breath taking and the crystal clear water welcome you for a swim .The hill of Chimbuk in Bandarban is the highest accessible peak by road.

GIS -5
(3 nights 4 days)

GIS -6
(3 nights 4 days)

SYLHET & SRIMONGOL (Tea garden & Rain forest tour)
Sylhet & Srimongol the land of two leaves and a bud, the major tea plantation area and the home of the Monipuri, Khasia and Garo tribal people. This is located in the gentle sloping upland in the picturesque valley between the Khasia-Jaintia and Tripura hills, amid scenic tea plantation and lush green tropical forest is a prime attraction. Sylhet one of the largest tea producing area in the world. The Monipuri tribes are famous for their Monipuri dance and weaving.

GIS - 5
(1night 2 days)
Atleast 4 pax, by road, 110 URO
(Per person)

GIS - 6
(2 nights 3 days)
Atleast 4 pax, by road, 150 URO
(Per person)

SUNDARBANS (Nature & Wild life tour)
The Sundarbans comprises of 10,000 sq- Km. of which 6000 sq.Km. is in Bangladesh. The area is divided into 55 forest compartments. Each has a land area of 40 to 160 sq.Km. and
divided into several islands. The area is famous for its semi-aquatic tigers, greatly known as the Royal Bengal Tiger. In this forest there are around 350 Tigers. It has fair amount of spotted deer,wild boar, rhesus monkey, salt water crocodile, water monitor lizard, pythons etc. This most attractive wildlife sanctuary is only accessible by boat.

GIS -7
(4 nights 5 days)
Atleast 4 pax, by road & river, 230 URO
( Per person for regular trip)

(4 nights 5 days)
Atleast 4 pax, by road & river, 240 URO
(Per person for adventure trip)